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XLR 800ix

Cymer’s XLR 800ix is the latest in flexible light source technology.


The XLR 800ix introduces new bandwidth stabilization technology, enabling an eight times improvement in bandwidth measurement fidelity, which can be used to tightly control bandwidth stability. It also delivers productivity and cost-of-ownership improvements, enabling a 33% increase in time between service intervals to 40 billion pulses. This is driven by Cymer’s new field-tested chamber and optics modules, which are in production in more than 250 XLR systems. These enhancements also support Cymer’s sustainability initiatives, by lowering total system power consumption by several percentage points.

Additional Information

Advanced chamber technology to enable higher availability
Advanced bandwidth control options for next generation nodes
New service metrology for faster return to production

Upgrade Features

DynaPulse™ 2 Bandwidth Control
Tunable Bandwidth


Dual Recirculating Ring


193 nm



Bandwidth Control

300 +/- 5 fm wafer average with DynaPulse™