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Who is Cymer?

Our mission? Keep Moore’s Law—the prediction that integrated circuits (ICs) would decrease in cost and increase in performance, two-fold, in roughly two-year increments–on track. You won’t see the Cymer logo on your cell phone, tablet, or smartwatch, but chances are the microchips inside those devices were created with a Cymer ultraviolet light source. So even though there won’t be a Cymer commercial during the Super Bowl, we’re proud to deliver the photolithography light sources chipmakers and hardware manufacturers need to produce the next generation of electronics.

Our products consistently set the pace of innovation, offering a complete range of light source technologies for semiconductor manufacturing applications.


We’re part of one of the world’s largest semiconductor capital equipment companies thanks to our merger with Netherlands-based ASML in 2013.


All together we’ve donated close to $11 million since 2005, and we’re always setting and working towards new goals, pushing ourselves to improve the world for future generations.

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30 Years of Photolithography Innovation | Making a difference in technology and our community

Cymer is a high-tech company, and the work we do is changing the world around us. When you work here you collaborate with the brightest minds to solve some of the biggest challenges facing the semiconductor lithography industry.

Twice a year the Cymer Talent Acquisition team visits university campuses to attract the best engineering, IT, and business students to our San Diego headquarters. We also have a Summer Internship Program for Undergraduate and Graduate students. Visit our Careers page for details about our fall and spring College Tours.


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Andy McQuarrie
Andy McQuarrie
VP Sales
Andy joined Cymer in 2016 and took on the role as the Vice President of Global Account Management during Q1 2017. Prior to his roles at Cymer, Andy worked for Oxford Instruments beginning in 2013 as the Vice President of US Operations. Andy earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Materials Science from Swansea University.
David Knowles
David Knowles
VP Product Marketing Group
David joined Cymer in 1997 and has held a variety positions within Engineering, Marketing and New Business Development. He previously held the position of CEO for TCZ, a joint venture between Cymer and Carl Zeiss, and now serves as the Vice President of Product Development at Cymer. David earned a BS in Applied and Engineering Physics from Cornell University and a PhD in Physics from MIT.
Joost Stienen
Joost Stienen
Prior to joining Cymer as CEO in April 2018, Joost spent ten years in the Netherlands at ASML, with roles spanning Sales, Product and Technology and Corporate Control, most recently as Senior Vice President of Finance. Before joining ASML, Joost was CFO for Alcatel-Lucent’s Middle East and Africa region. He started his career with a Financial Leadership & Development Program at Lucent Technologies in the USA. At Lucent, Joost worked at various management levels throughout the USA, Europe and Middle East. He holds a master’s degree in Finance and Accounting.
Mark Loeffel
Mark Loeffel
VP Admin & Operations
Mark joined Cymer as the Vice President of New Business Development in 2006 and has over 25 years in the Semiconductor Equipment industry. Since joining Cymer, Mark has managed a number of business-related functions and currently serves as the Vice President of Operations and Customer Support, which includes manufacturing and the service and support of Cymer’s installed base. Mark holds a BA in Economics and Masters in Business Administration.
Patrick O’Keeffe
Patrick O’Keeffe
VP Product Marketing
Patrick joined Cymer in 1997 and has held various roles in marketing and product management. He now serves as the Vice President of Marketing. Patrick has led key product development efforts at Cymer including the dual chamber XL platform. Prior to joining Cymer, he spent ten years in Japan doing fundamental research in plasma physics. He earned his BS in Applied Physics from Dublin City University and his PhD in Production Science from Saitama University.


In 1986, Cymer Inc. was founded in a garage by Bob Akins and Rick Sandstrom, two graduate students from UC San Diego who met in a physics laboratory class in the mid-1970s. In 1986, the personal computer market opened a door for Bob and Rick to apply their unique light source knowledge for the purpose of semiconductor photolithogprahy. Over the course of our 32 history, Cymer has shipped over 4,000 light sources all over the world.
Bob Akins
Bob Akins
Cymer Co-Founder
Bob co-founded Cymer in 1986 after receiving his bachelor’s degrees in Physics and Literature, and a doctorate in Applied Physics from UC San Diego. He served as chairman and Chief Executive, then went on to become the Senior Vice President of Cymer Technology Division and Chief Technology Strategist of ASML after the completion of Cymer’s merger with ASML Holding, Ltd. in May 2013. Bob retired in 2017.
Rick Sandstrom
Rick Sandstrom
Cymer Co-Founder
Rick co-founded Cymer in 1986 after receiving his bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and PhD in Applied Mathematics and Engineering Science from UC San Diego. He served under various titles throughout his years at Cymer in the areas of research, development and technology, including VP of Advanced Research and VP of Technology. His instrumental contributions in driving Cymer’s technology innovation led him to become the Senior Vice President and Chief Technical Advisor, responsible for providing technical analysis and carrying out focused technical investigations, after the completion of Cymer’s merger with ASML Holding, Ltd. in May 2013. Rick retired in January of 2015 and consulted up until September of 2017.