OnPulse is a comprehensive light source support model available for subscription with Cymer’s DUV light sources that delivers:





These benefits are realized through the unique Service Programs, Features and Upgrade Options only available to OnPulse customers. OnPulse has been adopted at all major chipmaker fabs, including:

More than 2,300 ArF immersion, ArF dry & KrF light sources

100% light source coverage of ArF immersion systems

94% of all pulses generated worldwide by Cymer light sources are covered under OnPulse

OnPulse Service

To improve system predictability and availability, the OnPulse Service Program consists of several critical features including:

  • Managed Logistics – leverages Cymer’s worldwide logistics network to enable optimal part availability, reduce customer inventory cost and provide the fastest response times
  • Cymer OnLine (COL)—servers monitor light source health in the customer’s fab and utilize advanced fault detection algorithms to identify early warning signs, enabling maintenance to be scheduled at factory convenience before issues become unplanned production disruption
  • Synchronized Preventative Maintenance—a proactive maintenance methodology utilized by Cymer to schedule service events with the customer as well as consolidate multiple service actions into one event to improve tool predictability, availability, productivity, and reduce unscheduled downtime
  • Tactical Operations (TacOps)—regional and customer site specific monitoring centers that closely collaborate with customers to provide local analysis and custom reporting in real time
  • OnPulse Source Center—integrates real-time information on Cymer’s worldwide operations and collective analytic expertise, enable faster decision making, improve operational processes, service and value brought to customers’ fast-paced production lines through OnPulse: our accelerating knowledge creation helps enable our chipmaker customers productivity and allows real time feedback to our factory and product groups

As a result of this comprehensive and proactive service approach, Cymer is able to ensure maximum uptime and productivity to chipmakers.

OnPulse Features

As part of the program, OnPulse customers are the first to receive standard and upgrade new features that enable increased tool availability, tighter process control and improved wafer quality. Standard OnPulse features include:

  • OnPulse Plus™—provides real-time light source performance monitoring of critical parameters, including energy, wavelength and bandwidth
  • Sustainability Solutions—enables reduction in helium and power consumption
  • Software Updates—delivers latest enhancements to improve light source predictability and availability

OnPulse Logistics Benefits

  • Fast response
  • Parts availability guarantees