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XLR 700ix

When chipmakers looked for an immersion light source solution for 14 nm patterning, Cymer delivered the 700ix.


Built on the recirculating ring technology of the XLR platform, the 700ix provides improvements in bandwidth, wavelength and energy stability, enabling higher scanner throughput and process stability for advanced chip manufacturing.


The XLR 700ix provides chipmakers tighter bandwidth control (300 +/- 5 fm wafer average) that essentially eliminates bandwidth as a source of process variation for on-wafer performance. Cymer’s patented technology applies high-speed closed loop control on a pulse-by-pulse basis, resulting in extremely stable performance.

Additional Information

DynaPulse™ Bandwidth Control
Reduction in neon consumption by >50%
Reduction in helium consumption by 50%
Reduces power consumption by 15% with new MO chamber system

Upgrade Features

DynaPulse™ 2 Bandwidth Control
Tunable Bandwidth


Dual Recirculating Ring


193 nm



Bandwidth Control

300 +/- 5 fm wafer average with DynaPulse™