Top 10 2017 Technological Advances and Gadgets

Our top picks for breakthrough technology and gadgets in 2017:

face mapping, projection,

10. Facial projection mapping

flying car, Aeromobil

9. The AeroMobil Flying Car

Snapchat, Snapchat Spectacles, video-recording, video glasses

8. Snapchat’s Spectacles video-recording glasses

light source, 3D-printing

7. Laser holograms creating 3D-printed objects in seconds

3D-printing, organs

6. 3D-printed organs for surgical practice use

face pay, Face++

5. Paying with your face

self-driving truck, autonomous, truck

4. Embark’s autonomous trucks

3. Google’s AI beating top Go game player

Elon Musk, Neuralink

2. SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk backing the brain-computer interface venture called Neuralink

Boston Dynamics, Atlas robot

1. Boston Dynamics’ breakthrough enabling its Atlas bipedal robot to backflip