Mark Warn | Senior Business Manager Account Management

Meet Mark Warn, our Senior Business Manager for Account Management who holds his bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from Plymouth University, UK (formerly Plymouth Polytechnic).

Originally from Plymouth, England, Mark spent 15 years in semiconductor wafer fabs after leaving high school and starting with a semiconductor company as an engineering apprentice, specializing in photo equipment and process engineering. In 1996, he moved to Temecula, California and shortly afterwards, decided to jump ship from engineering management and moved into account management of semiconductor capital equipment. Having previously worked on ASML scanners and DUV light sources, Mark knew about Cymer before moving to the USA, but was pleasantly surprised to find that Cymer was located fairly close to where he lived. In October 2005, Mark moved to product and business management when he joined Cymer.

As the Senior Business Manager for Account Management, Mark has DUV business management oversight of our Korean customers – primarily Samsung and SK hynix. This means working very closely with our account managers to develop compelling solutions based on the factors that are most important for our customers.

“We put in a great deal of effort understanding how our customers use Cymer light sources and address their challenges to ensure that we enable our customers to gain maximum productivity.”

“Working with great, talented people and recognizing the contribution we make as part of the food chain enabling life changing technologies is my favorite part about my career at Cymer.”

Outside of work, Mark likes being outside and playing sports.

“I think my heydays of soccer may just about be over now, but I still enjoy outdoor sports at a (slightly) slower pace. I also like spending time in the wilderness – disconnecting for a few days and getting closer to nature.”

Fun facts about Mark?

“I was having lunch at a restaurant in Dana Point with my family and unknowingly sat beside Jamie Lee Curtis and enjoyed a good chat with this other customer. I didn’t recognize who she was until she left, when the manager told me of the VIP that was there eating beside me. I enjoyed a much better conversation with this celeb than I would have had if I had recognized who she was!”