Scott Nikles | Staff System Test Engineer

Meet Scott Nikles, one of our Staff System Test Engineers. Originally from Akron, Ohio, Scott traveled to San Diego to join the US Navy, and worked as a Sonar Test Technician for 10 ½ years performing operation and maintenance of Advanced Sonar Systems on submarines.

Scott found out about Cymer through the High Tech Job Fair at the San Diego Convention Center in early 1997 and began working at Cymer as a Laser Test Technician by April of 1997, performing system and final test activities on KrF and ArF lasers.

“The technology used within the industry was what fascinated me from the beginning. I was looking for a company where I could use my electronics experience from the Navy to make an immediate impact. Cymer was the perfect fit. Troubleshooting the early systems required a lot of hands on work every day.”

In 2000, Scott completed his bachelor’s degree at San Diego State University in Electrical Engineering, and became a Laser Test Engineer, with increased responsibilities within the Laser Test department. Four years later, he transitioned to become a Test Development Senior Engineer, moving from the Laser Test department to the Test Development department, providing support on all DUV platforms including the newly developed XLX product. In 2010, he transitioned to the EUV program specializing in system operation and alignment activities as a Senior Test Engineer working on the drive laser, BTS, Collector, and IF Cone for 3100 systems.

Now as a Staff System Test Engineer, Scott works on the sNext program. As a member of System Test Engineering, Scott is responsible for reviewing all test plans that will be run on Proto 42 and ensuring proper execution and data collection. He also works daily with Proto Integrators and Proto Engineers to maximize system uptime.

Scott now has 20 years in the semiconductor industry and 10 years working on electronics in the Navy, Scott has been tracing out signals on schematics for over 30 years.

“People have asked me how I could work at a company for over 20 years. I always tell them that with technology constantly evolving, new challenges are always present. Every time I start working on a new project, it reminds me of the challenges I experienced the first day I started working at Cymer, sitting in a small lab in CSD-3 working on an ELS-5400a. I love that Cymer also provides so many opportunities within a diverse and exciting environment.”

Outside of work, Scott enjoys anything outdoors, including camping, hiking, or just sitting on the beach watching the day go by.