Dinesh Kanawade | Product Development Director

Meet Dinesh Kanawade, our Product Development Director here at Cymer/ASML who holds his engineering degree from the College of Engineering Pune in India, as well as his Master of Science Degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Systems from the University of Michigan and the Advanced Certificate for Executives from MIT Sloan School of Management.

Originally from India, Dinesh worked for 12 years at Applied Materials in different engineering roles to develop wafer processing equipment. Afterward, he headed the engineering team for Veeco Instruments, developing equipment for hard drive technology. In 2015, Dinesh moved to San Diego to join Cymer.

As a Director of Product Development Programs, Dinesh is a part of the Cymer DUV Product Development Group (PDG). Main job responsibility is managing programs in support of the Installed Base. Engineering development programs typically include Software and/or Hardware in support of thousands of installed based light sources. He also manages projects and programs, working with engineering teams in San Diego to provide product enhancements for ArF and KrF light sources. Once a product is developed and validated in San Diego, he coordinates with the field support engineering team to implement new product solutions for customers.

“My favorite part about Cymer is that I get to work with a group of amazing, talented professionals as well as Cymer’s active involvement in the San Diego community.”

Outside of work, Dinesh enjoys spending time with his son, traveling and exploring different food, and relaxing at our San Diego beaches.

With over 16 years of experience in the Semiconductor Equipment industry, Dinesh has three approved patents in Semiconductor Equipment Design and multiple patents pending.

As a co-author, Dinesh will be presenting for his second year on Monday, February 27 a poster titled, “Advanced in DUV Lightsource Sustainability.”

“Green initiatives like power and gas usage reductions are one of the main priorities for our chipmaker customers. Cymer is committed to supporting these initiatives and provides year over year improvements in operating cost.”