Mike Johns | Field Service Manager

Meet Mike Johns, our Field Service Manager for OnPulse customers Samsung Austin Semiconductor, Texas Instruments, Cypress and NXP plus a crew of nine great Cymer engineers.  Mike holds his BSEET (Bachelor of Science Electronics Engineering Technology) from Texas A&M University.

Originally from Texas, Mike began his career in semiconductors in 1995 with SVGL (Silicon Valley Group Lithography) as a FSE (Field Service Engineer) supporting scanners at Motorola (now NXP) and AMD (now Cypress) with Cymer light sources based in Austin. Mike advanced to a Tech Support role and finally an Installation Team Coordinator with a 10 month assignment at Intel Ireland. During his time with SGVL, he travelled and interfaced with Cymer Field Service Engineers and made good friends along the way.

As part of the relationship between the two companies, Mike attended a Cymer customer training class in 1997.

“I was very impressed by the company technology and culture and put them on my short list of future employers.”

Mike left his job at SVGL during the acquisition by ASML and joined Cymer in May of 2001.  He started out with New Products Tech Support in CSD and in 2004 relocated to Arizona as a Field Service Engineer supporting Intel Chandler.  After a one year diversion at another semiconductor company, he was hired again in November of 2008 as a Field Service Engineer supporting Austin customers, and in 2013 became Manager of the Texas district.

“Cymer is one of those special companies where everyone feels like family, even as it continues to grow in size. I’ve seen it go through many changes over the years but the core values remain constant.  It’s all about the people that work here. They are the heart and soul of the company and make it a great place to plant a career.”

“If I were to say one thing to someone interested in working here, I’d say look at the tenure of the employees. You’ll find many people that have been here over 20 years. For this industry, that’s a powerful statement about the company.”

“I have a wonderful wife of 19 years and two great teenage boys. My leisure time is spent doing everything outdoors – camping, fishing, hunting, tennis and golf.”