Luke Burgan | Senior Supplier Quality Engineer

Luke Burgan
Hire date: August 20, 2012
Job title: Senior Supplier Quality Engineer
Location: San Diego, California

We’re proud to introduce you to Luke Burgan, who works as a Senior Supplier Quality Engineer out of our San Diego office.

“As a Supplier Quality Engineer, I am responsible for overseeing key domestic and international suppliers to ensure they meet all the quality requirements that will enable our product to work for our customers.”

Luke graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, and he’s been living and working in San Diego ever since earning his degree. After working for a nearby power supply company called AMETEK, he joined our San Diego team in 2012 and maintains a strong sense of pride in his current position.

“Whether I perform audits at the supplier facilities, or host conference calls, I am always proud to represent [our company] and look for ways to improve our suppliers as a means of developing our partnerships.”

It’s no secret that Luke values his San Diego roots and values working for a company that mirrors his connection to local organizations. When asked why he decided to work for our company, he draws a heavy emphasis on community outreach and employee appreciation.

“This company takes care of its employees and engages the community more than any other company I’ve seen.”

When Luke isn’t visiting suppliers or hosting conference calls in the office, you can find him performing rigorous training in cross-fit gyms or competing in obstacle course races outdoors.

“I train about three to four times a week and have raced about 40 events in the past two years. I recently completed a 34 mile race in the cold mountains of Lake Tahoe where I had to perform 60-70 strength challenges in between.”

Among his future ambitions, he mentions running for office at the local or national level one day down the road. He’s also interested in organizing a group of employees to compete in a Spartan Race together as a team-building exercise to spark some camaraderie between co-workers with a common goal.