Ethan VanGorder | Mechanical Design Engineer

Meet Ethan VanGorder, one of our Mechanical Designer Engineers who holds his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Purdue University.

Originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Ethan moved to Chicago in 2012. After living in Chicago for 3 years, in 2015 Ethan and his wife moved from the cold, snowy winters of Chicago to the warm, sunny beaches of San Diego after his wife received a job offer on the west coast.

Prior to Cymer, Ethan worked as a Senior Product Development Engineer in the cooling department of Navistar Inc., (better known as International Truck and Engine) designing the cooling modules and fans for on-highway trucks and school buses.

“Once I was living in San Diego, I had job offers from both Cymer and Solar Turbines. Solar Turbines was the safer choice because I have worked with Caterpillar in the past as we had a joint project to build them a heavy duty truck. I decided to choose Cymer because of the incredible possibilities for innovation. I came from a very established company that sacrificed innovation for the sake of commercialization and I instead wanted to push boundaries and develop cutting-edge products for an industry responsible for much of the technology that we use today.”

As a Mechanical Design Engineer, Ethan designs and packages all of the physical parts in the laser based on requirements given by the engineers in other groups.

“Every project that I work on is different from every other. After one year I have yet to work on the same thing twice. Each project provides its own unique challenges and unique rewards for completing those challenges. I also enjoy the involvement that Cymer has with community. There are always opportunities for volunteering and attending events that Cymer has been sponsoring since it started.”

“Cymer is the place to work if you enjoy working on products that are not well known, but are secretly integral to our every-day lives, and enjoy working for a company that is constantly involved with the community to encourage participation in STEM.”

Outside of work, Ethan enjoys a variety of activities, including spending time with his wife, Brianne and their Boston Terrier, Penelope.

“I’m still trying to figure out what I like to do out here on the coast since the environment is so different. Outside, a friend introduced me to rock climbing, and I’ve had a great time learning that. I’m not quite at the level where I can climb real rocks outside, but I think I’m getting close. Although I’m a Cubs fan at heart, I enjoy going to watch the Padres, and would definitely go watch if a MLS team ends up out here. Inside, I enjoy watching any sports (although I’m not very good at playing them) and also watching shows on HBO and Netflix.”