Dylan Martin | Senior Optical Engineer

Meet Dylan Martin, one of our Senior Optical Engineers who holds his bachelor’s degree in Optical Sciences and Engineering and Masters of Optical Sciences from the University of Arizona.

Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Dylan always had the goal of living in San Diego for its surf and sun. With extended family living in California, he would visit every summer growing up.

“I always loved it and was secretly jealous of my cousins. The work opportunities here are also great for people in my field, especially here at Cymer who takes great pride in their optical engineers!”

Before Cymer, Dylan worked at KLA-Tencor for four years developing optical metrology equipment that provided wafer inspection solutions for the semiconductor industry. More recently, Dylan worked at Raytheon for three years developing electro-optical test systems and multiple independent R&D projects related to optical imaging and projection.

“I first heard about Cymer while I was a student at the University of Arizona. In fact, my final report for my radiology coursework was on EUV lasers, which at the time (2007) was in its early stages of development. I continued to hear about Cymer while working in the semiconductor industry. As my interest in San Diego began to grow, I began looking into Cymer as an ideal place to land as an optical engineer, and found a home in DUV.”

As Senior Optical Engineer, Dylan is a core member of the DUV optical engineering team. Currently, he’s the responsible engineer for the next-gen DUV spectral line narrowing module, enabling Cymer’s customers to reach lower bandwidths with fast tuning capability, as well as elimination of Helium purge dependencies. He supports DUV laser product development by designing, analyzing, building, testing, documenting, releasing and sustaining the primary optical subsystems.

“Cymer has fun technology to work on, with an equally fun community of people to work and play with.”

“On the weekends, you can find me riding my motorcycle around the county taking photos along the way. San Diego’s serene weather makes for incredible riding conditions virtually year round, and the amount of photogenic places and people around here makes for some exciting destinations to photograph. Photography has become a big passion of mine ever since I started pushing the limits of my DSLR I had lying around the house over three years ago. With my background in optical sciences, the technical aspects of photography were second in nature, and I quickly discovered an outlet to creatively capture my adventures. I’ve come to specialize in night sky astrophotography, landscapes, long exposures, light painting, portraiture and creative visuals. As such, I like to stretch the limits of what is thought possible in conventional photography and enjoy creating art! Who says an engineer can’t be an artist.”

Fun facts about Dylan?

“I was named after Bob Dylan. I’m color-blind (I can’t see red very well) – and yes, this makes it difficult to edit photos.”

View some of Dylan photos below: