Cymer & ASML at SPIE Advanced Lithography 2016

In late February members of the Cymer and extended ASML brain trust headed to San Jose, California, for the 38th annual SPIE Advanced Lithography Conference, a weeklong event featuring courses, exhibitions, and 500 presentations.

It was a busy week for Will Conley, member of the CLS Applications Team: he presented his study Impact of Bandwidth Variation on OPC Model Accuracy, presented the Best Student Paper Award Optical Microlithography, and was named SPIE Symposium Co-Chair (replacing Mircea Dusa of ASML). We caught up with Will in between presentations and asked him what responsibilities a SPIE Symposium Chair has.

Congratulations to Will and everyone who presented on behalf of Cymer—and best of luck preparing your 2017 presentations.

2016 Cymer-ASML Presentations

  • Impact of Bandwidth Variation on OPC Model Accuracy (W. Conley, P. Alagna, S. Hsu, Q. Zhao)
  • DUV Light Source Technologies for 10nm and Below (T. Cacouris, G. Rechtsteiner, W. Conley, P. Alagna)
  • Neon Reduction Program on Cymer ArF Light Sources (D. Kanawade, Y. Roman, T. Cacouris, J. Thornes, K. O’Brien)
  • Means to Improve Light Source Productivity: From Proof of Concept to Field Implementation (E. Rausa, T. Cacouris, W. Conley, M. Jackson, S. Luo, S. Murthy, G. Rechtsteiner, K. Steiner)
  • Lower BW and Its Impact on the Patterning Performance (P. Alagna, G. Rechtsteiner, V. Timoshkov, P. Wong, W. Conley, J. Baselmans)