Luke Burgan | Senior Supplier Quality Engineer

Luke Burgan Hire date: August 20, 2012 Job title: Senior Supplier Quality Engineer Location: San Diego, California We’re proud to introduce you to Luke Burgan, who works as a Senior Supplier Quality Engineer out of our San Diego office. “As a Supplier Quality Engineer, I am responsible for overseeing key domestic and international suppliers to[…]

flying car, Aeromobil

Top 10 2017 Technological Advances and Gadgets

Our top picks for breakthrough technology and gadgets in 2017: 10. Facial projection mapping 9. The AeroMobil Flying Car 8. Snapchat’s Spectacles video-recording glasses 7. Laser holograms creating 3D-printed objects in seconds 6. 3D-printed organs for surgical practice use 5. Paying with your face 4. Embark’s autonomous trucks 3. Google’s AI beating top Go game[…]

John Sanders | Warehouse & Traffic Supervisor

Meet John Sanders, our Warehouse and Traffic Supervisor. An Encinitas, California native, John grew up in San Marcos and attended San Marcos High School. After graduating, he worked as a Warehouse Manager for a furniture company for eight years, then became a driver for a local distributor for Budweiser. John found out about Cymer through[…]

Scott Nikles | Staff System Test Engineer

Meet Scott Nikles, one of our Staff System Test Engineers. Originally from Akron, Ohio, Scott traveled to San Diego to join the US Navy, and worked as a Sonar Test Technician for 10 ½ years performing operation and maintenance of Advanced Sonar Systems on submarines. Scott found out about Cymer through the High Tech Job[…]

Craig Katcher | Applications Analyst

Meet Craig Katcher, our Applications Analyst who holds his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Information Systems from the University of Redlands. Originally a native-born San Diegan, Craig moved around a lot as a kid (both domestic and foreign) since he was from a military family, but he eventually found his way back to San[…]