Cymer DUV Data Products deliver the quick problem identification and solution implementation required for high-yield, high-volume semiconductor manufaturing operations. Reducing the time spent performing non-value added procedures is a critical component of successful production, so the process must be carefully monitored, and data analyzed, to achieve high line yields and low defect densities.

Data Products

Used in more than 90% of fabs worldwide, this industry standard product enables end user excursion prevention systems and process troubleshooting. OnPulse Plus provides time based light source data, advanced visualization tools and industry standard communication interfaces.

Includes all functionalities of SmartPulse Analytics but it is complemented and enhanced with a unique beam metrology hardware upgrade that measures polarization, beam divergence and provides beam 2 D imaging. This enables the most comprehensive light source characterization.

SmartPulse Analytics expands upon the capabilities of OnPulse Plus by providing comprehensive light source data including wafer and exposure field level data as well as scanner Lot and Wafer Id context integration to enable yield analysis. SmartPulse Analytics enables end user extensibility of both the GUI and data to provide user specific analysis functions in support of optimizing scanner availability.

Basic Laser Data

Advanced Analytics & Diagnostics

Wafer/Field Level Data

Beam Metrology Hardware and Data

OnPulse Plus

Basic data collection and access


Analysis of light source and beam data and report

SmartPulse Analytics

Analysis of light source data and report

Product features, configurations, and availability are for informational purposes only and subject to change without notice.