Craig Katcher | Applications Analyst

Meet Craig Katcher, our Applications Analyst who holds his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Information Systems from the University of Redlands.

Originally a native-born San Diegan, Craig moved around a lot as a kid (both domestic and foreign) since he was from a military family, but he eventually found his way back to San Diego in high school. He has now worked in the IT industry in one fashion or another for about 25 years, but prior to Cymer, he worked as a Police Officer for the City of San Diego for more than 12 years!

“I used to collect baseball cards and was delivering my resume to a shop owner who was a friend of mine. There happened to be another customer in the shop who asked if she could have one of my resumes because her roommate’s company was hiring. Her roommate was the Financial Controller for Cymer at the time, and I had my first interview on February 21 in 1997. I had no knowledge of the semiconductor industry before life at Cymer, but the company’s area of focus definitely drew me in. I started that same day and worked 21 days straight before having my first day off!”

“Before Cymer obtained SharePoint as a collaboration platform, I wore many hats including Programmer/Analyst (part of the team to introduce Cymer’s Intranet, CymerSource), Global License Administrator (over-seeing all software licensing for the company) and Service Desk Supervisor (where I formed the company’s first IT support center). But my favorite title here is the one I currently hold… ‘The Commish’ Affinity Group’s Foosball Commissioner!”

As an Applications Analyst at Cymer, Craig serves the Cymer community as the SharePoint Lead and has additional responsibilities supporting CymerSource (the intranet site) as well as Mobolize, LFT and a variety of other applications.

“In the IT profession, people typically move from company to company about every five years, but it was and is the people I work with that keep me here. If you are looking to work for a global leader and an innovative, diverse company that makes a real difference in the products we use every day, this company is for you.”

When he’s not at work, Craig spends his time writing or drawing in pen and ink. If he wants to be outdoors, he’s on his Harley or at Dog Beach with his Aussie Shephard, Ringo.

Fun facts about Craig?

“I do charity work from time to time with the Biggs Chapter of the Harley Owners Group, I have two kids and three step kids (from high school age to college grads), I will get ya with a practical joke if the opportunity presents itself and I love to make and market my Beef Jerky!  I’m also writing a book about quotations from famous or not so famous people throughout history and how those thoughts have shaped me into who I am today, and two quotes come to mind. First, from Abraham Lincoln who said, ‘Am I not destroying my enemies by making friends of them?’ I’ve learned that no matter how large or small the conflict or challenge, everyone wins when a resolution is reached. And second, ‘I live for today and plan for tomorrow, as this is what allows me to create a path rather than follow one.’ That one was born from some of the challenges I’ve experienced in my life. That quote is mine!”