spie advanced lithography

Cymer & ASML at SPIE Advanced Lithography 2016

In late February members of the Cymer and extended ASML brain trust headed to San Jose, California, for the 38th annual SPIE Advanced Lithography Conference, a weeklong event featuring courses, exhibitions, and 500 presentations. It was a busy week for Will Conley, member of the CLS Applications Team: he presented his study Impact of Bandwidth[…]


Neon Reduction Program

A distance of roughly 6,600 miles (10,661 kilometers) separates San Diego and Ukraine. So how, why, did the conflict between Ukraine and Russia lead, at least in part, to the Cymer Neon Reduction Program? The semiconductor industry, and specifically the photolithography process, consumes more than 70 percent of the world’s neon production. In the entire[…]

30 years of duv lithography

Cymer Celebrates 30 Years

1986 was good for San Diego: the beaches, bars, and military installations of America’s Finest City served as the backdrop for Top Gun, the year’s hottest movie, and a couple of local guys started a company. The guys? Bob Akins and Rick Sandstrom. The company? Cymer Laser Technologies. Back then Bob and Rick spent hours[…]