Andrei Dorobantu | Program Development Manager for DUV Availability Initiative

Meet Andrei Dorobantu, our Program Development Manager for the DUV Availability Initiative, whose experience has taken him from Romania to San Diego with lots of stops in between. He’s an engineer by trade, but appreciates many aspects of his role in program development.

Born in Romania, Andrei was raised in Sweden and has lived across the United States since he was a kid, including New England, Minnesota, and now, the best coast. Andrei received his Bachelors of Science in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Cornell University, then his Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Minnesota.

Prior to Cymer, Andrei worked in the advanced development servo control group for Seagate.

“I was recruited to work for Cymer and was happy to leave Minnesota for San Diego! I was intrigued to work for a smaller company where I could make a broader impact as an engineer. Now I get to tackle serious challenges with a wide range of experts.”

“Cymer is a great place to work because it builds advanced technology in a very exciting industry. People have the opportunity to contribute at Cymer, which has a similar feel to working for a start-up, yet it also is a large organization that tackles advanced, technical challenges.”

Outside of work, Andrei enjoys working out, cooking and traveling, as well as spending time with his tiny, big-personality Dachshund, Brutus.