About Us

Smart people creating cutting-edge technology (optical lithography light sources) built Cymer, but giving back–to our employees and community–is what sustains us.

In the very early days founders Bob Akins and Rick Sandstrom frequented the Belly Up Tavern, a favorite local music venue, for long discussions, and spent many hours in Rick’s garage conducting research experiments. Thirty years later our mission remains the same: keep Moore’s Law—the prediction that integrated circuits (ICs) would decrease in cost and increase in performance, two-fold, in roughly two-year increments–on track.

Another point of pride: we’re part of one of the world’s largest semiconductor capital equipment companies. The company Bob and Rick started in 1986 was acquired by Netherlands-based ASML in 2013 to accelerate the time to market for next generation EUV technology. This has enhanced our infrastructure and resources, allowing employees to develop broader skill sets while increasing the potential for internal mobility.

Community engagement shapes our company culture as much as the San Diego sunshine does. Cymer employees devote time and energy to education, civic, cultural, environment and health initiatives. This has a tangible effect on our hometown and fosters a unique sense of contribution and belonging.

What’s the connection between Moore’s Law and Cymer? That phone, tablet, or phablet you’re holding are made up of the ICs referred to in Moore’s Law. Chip manufacturing requires an optical lithography light source, and light sources are our specialty. Cymer areas of expertise, Deep Ultraviolet (DUV) and Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) light sources, enable a critical step in IC manufacturing.

There must be something in the San Diego water. Or on the beaches. Or in the mountains.
For some reason this pocket of Southern California brings out the best of each generation’s most renowned innovators.
What will it bring out in you?