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TacOps Center

TachOps Center

Tactical Operations Maximizing the value of your installed light sources.
In support of our OnPulse Program, Cymer has staffed DUV and EUV Tactical Operations Centers in San Diego, California and at key customer sites. These centers monitor and proactively analyze laser light source system performance on a global basis with real-time data.

Our goal is to ensure Cymer light sources are maintained in a manner that maximizes uptime and productivity. Technical experts in the Tactical Operations center focus on improving your light source reliability and availability using innovative predictive maintenance algorithms and performance trends analysis.
Predictive Maintenance Through a virtual private network (VPN) connection with the CymerOnLine (COL) server in your fab, our technical experts are able to analyze system performance and generate health reports for all subscribed light sources. Performance trends which depart from the model are screened and analyzed against our extensive data signature libraries. The Tactical Operations Center assists local Field Service Engineers in understanding and planning service activities for each specific light source performance issue. Our Predictive Service Technology using advanced statistical performance modeling easily identifies emerging performance issues and facilitates scheduled maintenance planning, reducing your production unscheduled downtime.  
Emergency Response In the event of an unscheduled down event our Tactical Support Team has immediate access to historical and real-time automated data for each light source. This data is redirected to the Tactical War Room for further review and action plan development working in concert with our global service support infrastructure.
Access to Cymer Expertise Each Tactical Support Engineer has extensive light source training and is current with our newest technology developments. For additional levels of support, the Tactical Operations Center has unlimited access to Cymer's vast technical community of subject matter experts in DUV and EUV laser research and photonics theory.

Cymer's Regional Service Teams, Tactical Operations Centers, and our 7x24 Support Hotline are committed to exceeding your expectations for light source uptime and production throughput.


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