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Plasma Chamber Detail

A close up look at how 13.5nm wavelength light is generated.

The Cymer LPP EUV Source System consists of the CO2 laser, a beam transport system (BTS), and a plasma chamber. The chamber contains a mirror which collects the emitted light and reimages the plasma source to the Intermediate Focus (IF) position at the entrance to the scanner system. The source plasma vessel is directly coupled to the scanner illumination system and inside the scanner enclosure.

LPP EUV Source Plasma Chamber

Sub-technologies of the LPP EUV Source Architecture

  • High Power CO2 Laser
  • High Reflectivity Collectors
  • Liquid Tin (Sn) Droplet Generation
  • Debris Mitigation
  • Vacuum Technology
  • Beam Transport and Focusing
  • Droplet and Laser Targeting Control
  • Plasma and Intermediate Focus (IF) Metrology
  • System Control and Scanner Interface
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