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Light Sources by Scanner

The light source is a critical element to the photolithography scanner. Below lists how the light sources are linked to scanner systems from the key manufacturers; ASML, Nikon and Canon.

ArF immersion (193 nm)
    XLR 600ix XLR 500i
ASML NXT:1950 XLR 600i  
  XT:1950 XLR 500i XLR 500i
Nikon S621 XLR 600ix  
  S620 XLR 600ix  
  S610   XLR 500i


ArF Dry (193 nm)
    XLA 105 HP
ASML XT:1450 XLR 105 HP
Nikon S310 XLR 105 HP
Nikon S308 XLR 105 HP
Canon AS4 XLR 105 HP


KrF (248 nm)
ASML XT:1000 XLR 105 HP
  XT:8xx XLR 105 HP
 Nikon S210 XLR 105 HP

S208 XLR 105 HP
Canon ES5 XLR 105 HP

ES6 XLR 105 HP


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