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EUV Source

Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography is the industry’s only viable single pass patterning technology for critical layers of 10 nm chip designs and beyond. Multiple customers are qualifying EUV for insertion at the 10 nm and 7 nm logic nodes for a number of critical layers.

Cymer continues to lead light source development for this new technology with the market introduction of the first Laser Produced Plasma (LPP) EUV sources for ASML EUV lithography platforms. These leading-edge sources generate 13.5 nm light, with power stability required for today’s most advanced feature sizes.

Cymer’s portfolio of LPP EUV light sources includes the installed base for TWINSCAN NXE:3100 and NXE:3300B platforms and the next-generation source for the first EUV volume production platform, the TWINCSCAN NXE:3350B.