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OnPulse® is a comprehensive light source support model available for subscription with Cymer’s DUV light sources that delivers:

  • High Availability—service is monitored and managed to maintain maximum performance and significantly eliminate unscheduled events
  • Predictable Cost Per Wafer—parts and labor costs are directly proportional to production output as a true variable cost
  • Operational Simplicity—Cymer proactively manages labor, inventory and logistics, ensuring parts availability at customer’s site when needed for service to ensure high uptime
  • Technology Enhancements—first to receive new features and enhancements that provide increased availability, lower cost per wafer and improved product performance
  • Expert Services—unique access to light source technology and lithography applications experts that can partner with customers to analyze light source data and performance, and support implementation of new enhancements to maximize the benefit and minimize the risk of adopting new technologies

These benefits are realized through the unique Service Programs, Features and Upgrade Options only available to OnPulse customers.

OnPulse has been adopted at all major chipmaker fabs, including:

  • More than 2,300 ArF immersion, ArF dry and KrF light sources
  • 100% light source coverage of ArF immersion systems
  • 94% of all pulses generated worldwide by Cymer light sources are covered under OnPulse
Without OnPulse With OnPulse
Costs not well correlated to wafer production levels Cost scales directly with actual system utilization and value created
Spending spikes Smoothed spending
Period cost uncertainty Fixed rate predictable costs
Not all light source costs covered (i.e. non-core parts, labor) All light source related costs covered (i.e. core, non-core, labor)
High transaction administration Simplified administration
Cost caps Year-over-year cost down commitment
  Cymer shared performance cost risk