Product Support Redefined
OnPulse™ is a comprehensive product designed to reduce cost of ownership, keep light sources available and productive, and deliver predictable costs that scale with production. Cymer and our customers are naturally aligned to maximize tool uptime. OnPulse is available for DUV and EUV products.



High availability: Light sources under OnPulse have high availability through innovation and goal alignment. Service is scheduled for maximum performance with a proactive support program that reduces unscheduled events. Furthermore, OnPulse customers have exclusive access to the latest technology enhancements as well as experts in light source technology and lithography applications.


Predictable cost per wafer: With OnPulse, costs are directly proportional to production output and independent of light source component performance. This covers all parts and labor (consumables and non-consumables). Cymer can offer CoO commitments supported by ongoing technology enhancements and continuous improvement programs.

Operational simplicity: Leave the parts ordering and inventory management to Cymer. Our proactive monitoring service predicts when parts will be needed for service to ensure high uptime. One monthly bill is produced for your light source fleet.

Expert services: OnPulse customers have unique access to Lithography Applications Experts that can correlate on-wafer results to light source performance, support implementation of new features and enhancements that improve on-wafer results as well as translate imaging requirements to light source capabilities. OnPulse customers also have access to Light Source Technology Experts who can support implementation of leading-edge technologies and help reduce risk of adopting new technologies.

Technology enhancements: OnPulse customers are the first to receive new features and enhancements that provide increased availability, lower cost per wafer and improved CD and overlay control. All OnPulse customers are outfitted with Cymer’s unique OnPulsePlus data product that provides in-line light source performance indicators for statistical process control (SPC) and fault detection and classification (FDC).